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The Three Cs of Illustration | PART 1: CONCEPT

Obviously, both conceptual and concept art deal with ideas. Yet in many ways these two approaches to picture-making reside at opposite ends of the art spectrum. Where conceptual art focuses on the idea itself while only begrudgingly including a tactile, visible component, concept art is ALL about dragging amorphous concepts into the revealing light of physical reality. Simply put, the purpose of concept art is to show us what stuff looks like.

South Florida Art Fair Guide 2017-2018


Discover the best art fairs South Florida has to offer—find out where to go and what to see this season! 

Artist Spotlight: Lewinale Havette

Lewinale Havette is a Liberian artist living and working in Atlanta. Her work tells the story of Mitochondrial Eve through ethereal self-portraits. She focuses on...