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The Three Cs of Illustration | PART 2: CRAFTSMANSHIP


Assessing craftsmanship can be a tricky road to navigate. People outside of the art field tend to exclusively equate a high level of polish and technical skill with craftsmanship. And indeed, accurate perspective and anatomy, clean, crisp linework and smooth gradients coupled with luxurious slatherings of photo-real detail are impressive to be sure. Who has not heard the oft-repeated exclamation “That is SO cool! It looks just like a PHOTOGRAPH!”? But what of the gestural, spontaneous mark-making of the Impressionists and Abstract Expressionists? Are those artists simply lazy or unskilled? Or is something else going on here?

Artist Spotlight: Shawn Lee Marshall, Kentucky USA

Shawn Marshall is a “third culture kid” who grew up overseas in the 70’s and currently resides in Louisville, KY. She holds a Master...

Artist Spotlight: Valeria Feliú

Valeria Feliú was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and from an early age, she developed interest in the creative and artistic fields, attending various workshops and pursuing personal projects within ceramics, drawing, painting, and photography.