Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Color and Charisma: X Marks the Spot at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach...

Are you one to constantly seek out new works of public art in your community, traipsing through back alleys and city streets for an...

Regal Treatment: The Art of Judi Regal


Take notice of abstract artist Judi Regal as she showcases her knack for color and expressionism through her one of a kind paintings. 

As an art critic, it’s not unusual for me to receive hundreds of press releases from galleries and museums about their related events almost every day. The greatest advantage in reading these seemingly endless daily “briefs” is that unsurprisingly you gain an accurate perspective on the international art world, as well as information that pertains to South Florida and the immediate community, which are the geographical areas that I most frequently cover. Accordingly, it’s always rewarding to come across an ambitious artist in mid-career who possesses a brilliant sense of color and composition, along with an independent voice of creativity and individuality. 

An Artistic Celebration of Community at Art Serve

ArtServe proudly presents “HOME: An Artistic Celebration of Community,” – a multi-disciplinary new vision for artistic diversity, community advancement, and creative experimentation honoring Broward County’s Arts & Culture Visionaries.