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Artist Spotlight: Murjoni Merriweather, Maryland USA

Murjoni Merriweather celebrates the human form in clay, specifically focusing on the African American experience.  Her work explores stereotypes associated with people of color,...

Interview | Design Star David Bromstad


It’s been 11 years since David Bromstad took the world by storm when he won the debut season of HGTV’s Design Star.  We had the opportunity to speak to the Miami local, picking his brain on his path to success, finding out what inspires the designer and what led him to be the multifaceted artist we see today.  

Good News for Coffee Devotees: Top 12 Clinical Findings on the Health Impact of...

Your go-to caffeine-in-a-cup habit does more than just increase your mental alertness and energy. Take a look at these clinical findings that demonstrate coffee’s positive health benefits.