Review Hello Creatives!

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Review Hello Creatives! on iTunes

The Hello Creatives! podcast is the podcast for creative entrepreneurs to get inspired!

Thank you a million for taking a moment out from your busy day to give us a review–it means so much to us! If you want to send us comments, suggestions for podcast topics, or just drop us a line about the podcast, please email us at

*How To Leave an iTunes review from your Smartphone or Tablet: 

1. Open the Podcast App.

2. Search for “Hello Creatives!” and click on the logo art. 

3. Click Subscribe. Now episodes will automatically pop up on your Podcast App for you to listen at your own convenience.  

4. Tap the stars to leave your rating. Look for Reviews tab and click “Write a Review”.

5. Drop us quick note in the review and click send. 

*How To Leave an iTunes review from your Desktop Computer: 

1. Open Hello Creatives! Podcast Here and then click on “View in iTunes”. 

2.Click “Subscribe” button and then click on “Ratings and Reviews”.  

3. Click on “Write a Review” (make sure you are signed into iTunes), write a quick review and rate and click submit. That’s it!