How to Declutter Your Digital Life: 10 Steps to Take Back...

Technology was supposed to make life easier and less stressful, but in many cases, it has done just the opposite.

Center for Creative Education Call To Artists: Black History Month

________________________________________________________________________ The Center for Creative Education is accepting artworks of any medium to be exhibited in the Sallie & Berton Korman Gallery...

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Vast New Online Archive of African American History Materials

Going insane was a luxury. It's the going, that's the treat. Going suggests travel, moving. There was no going. The madness...

Swizz Beatz, Kehinde Wiley Kick Off Miami Art Week

Last night, two modern-day art icons joined to debut and celebrate their dynamic Creative Minds Talks discussion about the state of activism, philanthropy and how to make it in today’s world as a creative. Creative Minds Talks is a platform that features the ‘art of storytelling’ and sits with the brightest minds for captivating, on-stage dialogue…

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Chairman Jeffrey Stoops proudly announced today a generous gift of $10 million by the Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation to the Center's Kravis 2020: The Future is Now capital campaign.

If you want to represent your company more effectively, you need to become the best brand ambassador you can be. Learning to reach out to the local community, showcase your expertise, and hire the right people can all enhance the effectiveness of these efforts, so you can grow your business and continue to build your brand.

Are you one to constantly seek out new works of public art in your community, traipsing through back alleys and city streets for an exciting mural? Or, are you the person that sticks to traditional...

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The Three Cs of Illustration | PART 1: CONCEPT

Obviously, both conceptual and concept art deal with ideas. Yet in many ways these two approaches to picture-making reside at opposite ends of the art spectrum. Where conceptual art focuses on the idea itself while only begrudgingly including a tactile, visible component, concept art is ALL about dragging amorphous concepts into the revealing light of physical reality. Simply put, the purpose of concept art is to show us what stuff looks like.

ArtServe Launches #OpenTheBlackBox Year-End Capital Campaign

This month, ArtServe aims to receive $30,000 from private donors to supplement $100,000 in grant money. The funding will transform ArtServe’s west wing into a black box theatre – a wide-open and single-level space for plays, concerts, films, literary readings, and other community events. Close proximity to performers will provide an intimate, multisensory experience unique to the region.

Pompano Beach Cultural Center presents: Vantage Point by Ya La’ford

January 10 – April 2, 2020 – FREE Opening reception: Friday, January 10, 6pm-9pm The Pompano Beach Cultural Center is proud to present Vantage...