Here Comes the Lightning: Interview with Black Lightning Star, Nafessa Williams

We can all look up to a strong woman superhero on television, but it’s even better when she is able to bring diversity and allow for the inclusion of those we don’t usually see on screen.

Max Planck Florida Announces 2020 Science Meets Music Series

The Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (MPFI) announces the 2020 lineup for “Science Meets Music,” a popular series featuring scientific...

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DowntownWPB Shares The L.O.V.E. All Month Long

Love is in the air in Downtown West Palm Beach this February thanks to concentrated efforts from the West Palm Beach...

How to Make Better Art by Not Doing Art?

There is this “Myth of the Muse” that pervades artist culture (is there such a thing as artist culture? Berets, cappuccino and oblique sardonic musings about the state of society shared over Gruyère and cabernet? Sounds good. Count me in!).

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So, is speaking in front of a crowd really more terrifying than taking your last breath? If so, what can ordinary people do to tackle that terror? Whether you are asked to give a presentation in front of a group of colleagues or debate a contentious topic in a large auditorium, the fear and trepidation are very real.

The good news is there are things you can do to overcome that fear of public speaking. Here are 10 ways to make it happen:

ArtServe proudly presents “HOME: An Artistic Celebration of Community,” – a multi-disciplinary new vision for artistic diversity, community advancement, and creative experimentation honoring Broward County’s Arts & Culture Visionaries.

Art Hive Art Palm Beach
Dynamic Duo Create Pop-Up Project and Step into Experience Space There will be a noticeable buzz at Art Palm Beach on January 30 when Project Color Hive debuts. The first-ever pop-up art experience by Art Hive...

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This is a true story. 

This story takes place in a suburban community, just minutes outside of Detroit, Michigan in a quiet town known as St. Clair Shores. The events that I witnessed take place may or may not have been from a dark, demonic source… Regardless, it is still unexplainable.   

BIJOUX! at the Armory

Artist Gulnur Ozdaglar forms graceful flowers over a candle-sized flame in the small studio under her apartment in Ankara, Turkey. A modern...

If These Walls Could Talk

How can paint on four walls influence a community? If the new mural on the edifice of the Harold Reitman Boys & Girls Clubs is any indication, it can uplift, inspire and better it.