Sunday, January 19, 2020

Make the Most of Your Museum Visit


Museums offer priceless cultural treasures, from amazing works of art worth millions of dollars to full-size dinosaur skeletons that are millions of years old. Whether you are an avid art lover, a budding archeologist or a history buff, you can find a museum that matches your interests and piques your curiosity…

Austin Kleon: Keep Going


Austin Kleon is an Ohio native teaching people how to take steps towards pursuing their artistic ventures all while discovering their personal flair that makes them unique. He is an entrepreneur, a writer and blogger, finding his creative outlets in the 21st century and inspiring the masses to do the same. Book writing was always the goal, but it was through a day job and a blog that Austin was able to kick start his writing career.  Jumping on new opportunities that came his way led him to his book dream coming to fruition with the arrival of Steal Like An Artist, Show Your Work!, and Keep Going.

ArtPalmBeach announces its new dates, curatorial team and art pavilions for the 23rd edition


Since its inception in 1997 ArtPalmBeach presents a unique environment that offers collectors to enjoy the works of over 1000 contemporary artist as well as participate in lectures and panel discussions from museum professionals, artists and renowned art industry experts. ArtPalmBeach is the long-standing reputation as South Florida’s largest leading winter fair for international modern and contemporary at not to be missed by art lovers everywhere.

Good News for Coffee Devotees: Top 12 Clinical Findings on the Health Impact of...


Your go-to caffeine-in-a-cup habit does more than just increase your mental alertness and energy. Take a look at these clinical findings that demonstrate coffee’s positive health benefits.



Amanda Perna’s bright and cheery fashion studio is simply a reflection of the designer’s effervescent vibe. Perna is a fashion designer, author, blogger, stylist, illustrator, mentor, wife, mom and a master juggler who launches from one project to the next with grace, plenty of enthusiasm and an ever-present warm smile that she wears with ease…

MONEY MATTERS: Broward county to host capitalization workshop to help support artistic freedom and...


“Capitalization supports artistic freedom,” Thomas says. “If there’s enough capital in an organization, it can take risks with artistic products, and it can innovate from a position of strength. There’s a deep connection between finances and the arts that cannot be undermined.”

The Three Cs of Illustration | PART 1: CONCEPT


Obviously, both conceptual and concept art deal with ideas. Yet in many ways these two approaches to picture-making reside at opposite ends of the art spectrum. Where conceptual art focuses on the idea itself while only begrudgingly including a tactile, visible component, concept art is ALL about dragging amorphous concepts into the revealing light of physical reality. Simply put, the purpose of concept art is to show us what stuff looks like.

Nightmare Fuel Reads


From the supernatural to mentally disturbed to mutual global destruction, horror comes with many themes, especially in modern times. We took the liberty to compile a short list of scary reads for your bone chilling evenings, whether ghouls or cold blooded stranglers get your skin crawling, there is a guaranteed something to broaden your perspective of horror.

Creepy Podcasts: Just in time for Halloween


It’s that time of year again, the best golden hours and pumpkin spice lattes are finally at grasp. However, while life is for the living, the doldrums of the afterlife come to a halt and the paranormal spill into our plane of existence.

So while the ghouls and specters chase the crisp winds outside, bundle up, put your headphones on and listen to these creepy podcasts guaranteed to make your goose skin crawl.



Through the course of your life, you build up a whole set of habits and attitudes that guide you through the day. Without these habits, it would be impossible to function. Imagine if you had to consciously think about every step when walking, as if you were a toddler again. But sometimes these learned habits get in the way, because their automatic action makes it hard to do things differently.

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Knight Arts Challenge winners on preservation and sustainability

Knight Arts has kicked off Art Week Miami for 12 straight years, elevating Miami artists as the art world arrives for Art Basel Miami...

Interview with Creed Bratton


Creed Bratton is best known for starring as a fictional version of himself on nine seasons of the award winning, critically acclaimed NBC series “The Office.”

We’re all STEAMed up about literacy!


Art Hive Magazine is  a believer in the power of teaching today’s students in a way that encourages creative problem solving- so much so that we once again were one of the sponsors for the Palm Beach State College STEAM Luncheon at the Kravis Center.