Saturday, August 15, 2020

Your go-to caffeine-in-a-cup habit does more than just increase your mental alertness and energy. Take a look at these clinical findings that demonstrate coffee’s positive health benefits.

Amanda Perna’s bright and cheery fashion studio is simply a reflection of the designer’s effervescent vibe. Perna is a fashion designer, author, blogger, stylist, illustrator, mentor, wife, mom and a master juggler who launches from one project to the next with grace, plenty of enthusiasm and an ever-present warm smile that she wears with ease…

“Capitalization supports artistic freedom,” Thomas says. “If there’s enough capital in an organization, it can take risks with artistic products, and it can innovate from a position of strength. There’s a deep connection between finances and the arts that cannot be undermined.”

Obviously, both conceptual and concept art deal with ideas. Yet in many ways these two approaches to picture-making reside at opposite ends of the art spectrum. Where conceptual art focuses on the idea itself while only begrudgingly including a tactile, visible component, concept art is ALL about dragging amorphous concepts into the revealing light of physical reality. Simply put, the purpose of concept art is to show us what stuff looks like.

Through innovative academic programs and unique cultural offerings, Palm Beach State College has inspired emerging artists and captivated audiences for decades, earning it a secure spotlight on Palm Beach County’s robust cultural stage.

We can all look up to a strong woman superhero on television, but it’s even better when she is able to bring diversity and allow for the inclusion of those we don’t usually see on screen.

I was first made aware of the phenomenon that is ‘Supa BlackGirl’, ‘Supa TYB’ while watching my not-so-secret dance obsession, Bring It on Lifetime. Supa TYB and her Young Contemporary Dance Theatre (YCDT) dancers brought so much flair and sass to the Bring It battle floor that she earned her own eight episode docu-series, Step It Up, where viewers got an even closer look into the demanding training that takes place in her own YCDT dance studio.

How can paint on four walls influence a community? If the new mural on the edifice of the Harold Reitman Boys & Girls Clubs is any indication, it can uplift, inspire and better it.

Springtime hits that perfect sweet spot for travel—the kids are almost out of school, the sun is shining, flowers are in full bloom—so why not take a bit of time for you and your family to relax and enjoy the arts?

That’s where MOSAIC (Month of Shows, Art, Ideas & Culture) comes in, giving you an opportunity to explore The Palm Beaches (Florida’s Cultural Capital®) in all of its artsy glory. The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County and Discover The Palm Beaches are presenting MOSAIC, a month-long celebration of arts and culture in May, with deals from both hotels and cultural organizations for visitors and residents.

The marine biologist who gained international recognition for his paintings of sea creatures, spoke Wednesday at the Palm Beach State College Foundation’s sixth annual STEAM luncheon. He took the more than 500 attendees on a journey through his 32-year career. The event was held at the Kravis Center for Performing Arts Cohen Pavilion, which was decorated with pictures of coral reefs and sea life.