Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude increases well-being by boosting immunity and joy. It puts a spring in your step and helps you see the world with a sunny perspective. Here’s how to cultivate an appreciative mind-set so you can enjoy the benefits it brings.

Neuroscience Explains Why Social Media Use is Making You Unhappy

There's a long list of celebrities, from Ed Sheeran to Armie Hammer, who deleted their social media accounts because they felt that being online was toxic and was making them unhappy. Of course, you don't have to be famous to need a break from Twitter and Instagram; advice columns routinely suggest spending less time scrolling if you want to feel happier. But why is checking your social media making you unhappy?

ArtPalmBeach announces its new dates, curatorial team and art pavilions for the 23rd edition

Since its inception in 1997 ArtPalmBeach presents a unique environment that offers collectors to enjoy the works of over 1000 contemporary artist as well as participate in lectures and panel discussions from museum professionals, artists and renowned art industry experts. ArtPalmBeach is the long-standing reputation as South Florida’s largest leading winter fair for international modern and contemporary at not to be missed by art lovers everywhere.

How Failures Can Pave the Way to Future Successes


From tech leaders like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to scientists like Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton, everyone who has done anything important has failed, sometimes spectacularly. Any study of the lives of these remarkable individuals is in part a study in failure. Facing adversity and overcoming challenges is what these individuals did, and part of what ultimately made them so successful.

MONEY MATTERS: Broward county to host capitalization workshop to help support artistic freedom and...

“Capitalization supports artistic freedom,” Thomas says. “If there’s enough capital in an organization, it can take risks with artistic products, and it can innovate from a position of strength. There’s a deep connection between finances and the arts that cannot be undermined.”

Good News for Coffee Devotees: Top 12 Clinical Findings on the Health Impact of...

Your go-to caffeine-in-a-cup habit does more than just increase your mental alertness and energy. Take a look at these clinical findings that demonstrate coffee’s positive health benefits.

Center For Creative Education

This story was originally published in Art Hive Magazine issue #32, Winter 2019. In our a technology-driven world, Palm Beach County may not be Silicon...

Palm Beach State College: The Heart of Palm Beach County Culture


Through innovative academic programs and unique cultural offerings, Palm Beach State College has inspired emerging artists and captivated audiences for decades, earning it a secure spotlight on Palm Beach County’s robust cultural stage.

Airport Art Conservation Project

In 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” was a hit, and Fort Lauderdale was trying to shed an image as a rowdy spring break destination. That year was also the year that the Broward County Art in Public Places program installed a monumental steel sculpture by David Lee Brown at the entrance to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL).



Amanda Perna’s bright and cheery fashion studio is simply a reflection of the designer’s effervescent vibe. Perna is a fashion designer, author, blogger, stylist, illustrator, mentor, wife, mom and a master juggler who launches from one project to the next with grace, plenty of enthusiasm and an ever-present warm smile that she wears with ease…

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Never Been to an Art Walk? Here’s What to Expect ( and how to...


In this podcast we explore Art Walks—-what you’ve been missing and how you can start your own.

Hello Creatives, ArtPalmBeach Edition!


Thank you to everyone that joined the most recent Hello Creatives event- especially everyone that came by after ArtPalmBeach! This one was scheduled later than our normal events so we could have networking DANCE PARTY!



Everyone’s memory declines with age. A number of factors lead to memory decline, but drawing is one of the most promising ways to improve memory, according to researchers. By connecting and processing information with multiple parts of the brain at once, drawing makes it easier for the mind to find its way to information when needed.