Boynton Beach Art Adding To New Energy and Unifying Vision For 2020

By Joanie Cox-Henry
This story was originally published in Art Hive Magazine issue #32, Winter 2019.

Cavalcade Albert Paley

The Albert Paley Cavalcade sculpture sits proudly in front of the 500 Ocean apartments in Boynton Beach. This vibrant 40 foot high artwork is not only the tallest public art in Palm Beach County, but after being installed in the fall of 2017, it was an indicator of the larger than life art movement currently thriving in this burgeoning city.The City of Boynton Beach Art in Public Places recently presented the launch of its 2019-2020 Avenue of the Arts exhibit: Color Effects with artist Cecilia Lueza. The dynamic solo exhibit offers five geometric sculptures showcasing the resilience of community and environmental awareness within that group. The sculptures range from a bold ocean wave-inspired piece at Dewey Park to the thought-provoking Dual Nature sculpture in the 200 block of East Ocean Avenue.

“The Avenue of the Arts exhibit will connect the community and bring local and national
attention to the Town Square Redevelopment Project,” said Debby Coles-Dobay, Public
Arts Manager for City of Boynton Beach. “Beginning Nov. 30, we are offering free
docent-led tours of the five sculptures including access to an Otocast app that connects
tour goers to hear the artist talk about her artworks. The debut of the tours also
coincides with Small Business Saturday, which will be a wonderful way to support the
local businesses in this area. In fact, special discounts and deals from area business
will be available to tour attendees who RSVP in advance.”

With Boynton now known as a “Kinetic Art” city, the exhibitions annually coming to
Avenue of The Arts are attracting locals and tourists alike. This International Kinetic Art
Biennial, which is in its fourth year and next set for 2020-2021, has garnered the
attention of local international artists and art patrons to engage in art that moves,
interacting art experiences and more.

“The Color Effects exhibit is going to continue bring a really good crowd to this area,”
said Amanda Johnson, owner of Amanda James Gallery located at 400 Gulfstream
Blvd., in Boynton Beach. “The Color Effects exhibition is really colorful and the artist is
female, which is powerful. It’s taking Boynton to a new level and promoting and inspiring
artful living for all ages.”

Johnson is also the emerging public artist who created the “Deep Ocean & Shore Reef”
Parking Garage project for Town Square, which is slated to open in spring of 2020. “I
was selected to design the south parking garage in the new town square,” Johnson
said. “My design has a connection to the ocean and amazing reef and marine life in
Boynton Beach. Working with Debby, she really helped me learn what it means to serve
the community as an artist and helped me highlight what makes Boynton Beach so

In addition to the “Deep Ocean Shore Reef” garage, The Public Art in the Town Square
Redevelopment Project is going to offer five stunning pieces of public art including:
Community Heartbeat Fire & Rescue Station Window Mural slated for completion in
January 2020. Created by artist Lynn Doyle, this vibrant piece depicts Boynton Beach
Fire Rescue Department’s infinite connection with its citizens.

“Building Up Community” Police Station Public Art Plaza is targeted for completion in
March 2020. Designed by Krivanek+Breaux/Art + Design, this inspirational public aimed
at promoting safety and harmony in the community will be located at 2080 High Ridge
Road neighboring the Fire Station #5. E.O.C. is the new City Police Headquarters.
Crafted by internationally beloved sculptor, Ralfonso, “Meet me at the Kinetic Art Plaza”
the 27’ high x 26’ wide stainless steel kinetic sculpture titled “Reflections,” is gearing up
to be finished in March 2020. To represent Boynton Beach’s infinite diversity, the twenty
one 3′ to 11’ long bird-like wings rotate with the wind and intersect with each other
representing the flow and unity in nature.

“The Reef” Play Art Installation is estimated to be finished by June of 2020. This
interactive piece by The Urban Conga will utilize sight, sound, touch and movement to
promote social interaction among children in front of the Schoolhouse Children’s
Museum courtyard.

As an added feature, at night, this art inspired by ocean reef marine
life will change colors for a unique experience that will stimulate the senses.
Donald Gialanella is the artist behind “Synesthesia” Interactive Art Plaza On the south
side of East Ocean Avenue. Scheduled to be done by June 2020, this sculpture
consists of eight 10 foot tall vertical stainless steel tubes arranged in a 20-foot diameter
circular array. Geared toward people of all abilities, ages and demographics to engage
and connect, people will be encouraged to snap selfies by the reflective mirror-polished
surfaces of this art work. This installation piece is so high tech, as people approach it,
proximity sensors are activated and emit sounds from Boynton’s coastal environment.


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