Hopefully you are following our Facebook page and Instagram feed, if so then you saw the focus on TAPE ART today. What is tape art you ask? Well it’s art…with tape, and it can get pretty intense! We were fortunate to find this gem in our submissions- some fun BEE THEMED tape art right here in our own backyard.

And are we biased to the bee theme? Of course we are, especially when it is an intricate bee tape mural by artist Jhonattan Arango. In the words of Nicole Belmonte, Co-Founder & Agent for Culture Climax – A Creative Agency;

‘Jhonattan Arango, known as Anon communicates his purpose and artistry through narrating stories of interconnectedness & unity using shapes and art forms.

In murals, this experience comes to life as he empowers the community to pick up a paintbrush and contribute to the creation of a collective masterpiece creating a colorful, cohesive union of contrasting triangles. Jhonattan’s curation of community murals invites participants to find their inner creative, let their guard down and relax into the artistic expression they thought they left back in school. Once dry, the tape is peeled off to reveal a co-created mural symbolizing a boost of culture and camaraderie within that community, business or building.’

To view more of his work visit, https://anon.myportfolio.com/

Jhonattan Arango taping off his design in the conference room at Bee Access Products in West Palm Beach. The finished mural- painted by the Bee Access Products staff. What a great team building activity!