Fall 2019 Emerging Artist: Rebeca Pinto Bottone

The Emerging Artist program offers a gratis booth space to a young, deserving, aspiring artist from the Delray Beach area or Palm Beach County whose careers are on the rise. This opportunity enables the emerging artist to experience a professional art show and provides a mentorship to the artist on the path to critical market acceptance. The Emerging Artists demonstrate or live-paint while gaining invaluable lessons showing and selling their work while cultivating collectors. Fall 2019 Emerging Artist is Rebeca Pinto Bottone (Boynton Beach, Florida), a Venezuelan native, who earned her Graphic Design Degree at University of Los Andes with honors from the faculty of Arts. “I use vibrant colors and eyes to express positive feelings as energy, positivity, hope, joy and love. It helps me overcome the negative circumstances I have experienced in my personal life…”