Check out “The House of Perna” in ArtHive Magazine Issue #31

Amanda Perna has been making waves since she sewed her first hemline. Having appeared on, not one but two seasons of Project Runway, this maximal fashionista still proves she is nothing less of a trail-blazer. Perna mastered her craft after studying in the graces of Oscar De La Renta, which did not come as you’d expect. Having an original major in psychology, Perna’s elective sewing class quickly synced with her passion and creativity. After working four years at Calvin Klein, she cashed in her 401K and set out on her current path. Amanda Perna, is a risk taker through and through, and it’s something to be marveled at whether through her work as a fashion designer or as a mother, trying to create a more colorful world for us to live in.

Check out Amanda’s incredible work as well as others in Art Couture’s exhibit at the Cornell Art Museum. Other featured artists include: Sonya Sanchez Arias, Rick Lazes, Timo Weiland, Stephen Wilson, and many more. Art Couture’s exhibit combines contemporary art and the world of fashion design. The exhibition will include illustrations and clothing created by these well-known fashion designers as well as contemporary art inspired by iconic designs of the fashion world. Art Couture is happening NOW and guest are encouraged to dress their best in their most “couture” outfit.


“Expensive Taste”: Becky Rosa

Artwork by: Russell YoungWork by: Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein, Donna KangWork by: Sonya Sanchez Arias


Artwork by: Russell Young


Artwork by : Russell Young