If you missed the Collector’s First View at ArtPalmBeach then you missed our fun ‘Art Hive dresses’ walking the art fair! These dresses were created by (my!) high school students at Lake Worth High School- made from past issues of Art Hive Magazine and modeled by Amanda and Eleanore. You can still see the paper dresses displayed in our booth, #554. Visit @studio2_110 or check out #LWHSfashionclub on Instagram to see the dresses ‘in progress’ over the past few months!

In addition to our ‘live fashion art’ there was all the work from the talented artist represented by galleries across the world. We will be posting more images on Instagram, but here are just a few images from the evening. If you are local, make sure you get out to this exciting event!

Art Hive with Lee Ann LesterThe Kinetic Art folks kept it moving! To learn more about an exciting kinetic art event coming in February check out http://intlkineticartevent.org/.Anthony Burks Sr., https://www.anthonyburkscollection.com/Our friends over at the CONTINUUM booth, https://www.continuumwpbarts.com/Dario Posada, https://mzurbanart.com/dario-posada/Kiseok Kim (http://www.kiseokkim.com/) and Luis Jimenez (http://galeriacasacuadrada.com/?galleries=luis-jimenez)Live art (of course!) with Eduardo Mendieta, http://www.eduardomendieta.com/Paul Critchley, http://www.anotherartgallery.com/pages/pcpages/paulcritchley.htmlArt Hive Magazine’s very own Angela- reminding you that life is sweet, and to check out the food at ArtPalmBeach.Perfectly painted pixel painting by Sveta Esser, https://www.bluefineart.com/sveta-esser/Vini Parisi, http://luismaluf.com/en/artista/vini-parisi-2/Our model Eleanore makes herself comfortable at the Art Plug booth, https://www.theartplug.net/events/