Conscious Companies: Gifts That Give Back 2018

Take your gift giving to the next level by purchasing a gift from an organization that goes above and beyond for a cause. Check our list of compassionate companies…

Credit: Headbands of Hope

1. Headbands of Hope: Unique headbands made in a multitude of styles from hand knitted to the fancy ‘Vintage Pearl’. With the purchase of each headband, a headband is given to a child with cancer.

Credit: Elengantees

2. Elegantees: Fun t-shirts made available from Nepal. With the purchase of each t-shirt you are helping survivors of sex trafficking. Through their employment at the Nepal sewing centers, Elegantees are helping women end poverty by providing them with a fair living wage.

Credit: South East Green

3. Better World Books: If you’re planning on buying your next textbook from just any ol’ bookstore, think again! With the purchase of a textbook from Better World Books, a book is donated to someone in need.

Credit: Yoobi

4. Yoobi: When you’re in need of a new notebook or need to solve a simple organizational dilemma in your office, think about buying it from Yoobi. Every time you buy your office supplies from Yoobi, they give a Yoobi Pack to a student in need that’s filled with all the essential school supplies.

Credit: Project 7

5. Project 7: Have a hankering for some delicious gum? Why not buy from Product 7…they give in 7 different areas of need from charities that help support housing the homeless to feeding the hungry. Fun flavors like Birthday Cake Gum to Grapefruit Melon Gummies can be a fix to just about anyones sweet tooth.

Credit: Out of Print

6. Out of Print: This is the one stop shop for all you book lovers out there, from graphic tees that highlight your favorite childhood books, to Alice in Wonderland themed socks. With every purchase, Out of Print helps fund literacy programs, while also helping support the artists and publishers that create this work.

Credit: Hand in Hand

 7. Hand in Hand: Environmentally friendly hand made soaps that will keep your hands and feet squeaky clean. Scents range from Orange Blossom to Sea Salt. Every purchase of a bar of soap, gives a bar of soap to a child in need and helps promote proper hygiene in impoverished areas.

Credit: WeWood

8. WeWOOD: Is it time for a new watch? A new take on luxury watches is here, crafted with sustainable and recycled materials. Their motto is, if you buy a watch, they will plant a tree! Check out their selection of wooden and printed style watches.

Credit: Angela Roi

9. Angela Roi: What’s better than carrying a luxury purse that helps out the world? Angela Roi have stepped up to the plate and are making quality designer bags, for a fraction of the cost. Every purse and handbag is colored coordinated to help out a special cause.

Credit: Musana

10. Musana: This is your one stop shop for all your accessory needs from bracelets to necklaces and earrings. Musana helps to end the cycle of poverty through job employment, education, medical treatment and community development for women in Uganda.

Credit: Warby Parker

11. Warby Parker: The new way to buy glasses online is here. Warby Parker will send you samples to try on at home and the best thing is they are affordable. They even have a “Buy a Pair Give a Pair” motto that donates to their nonprofit partners anytime you make a purchase.

12. Nike #betrue: This collection inspires athletes from all walks of life to stand up for diversity, equality and respect for others by purchasing sneakers and clothes from the #betrue line. The EQUALITY word will definitely make you stand out and show that you are a part of the movement. Show your support and spread equality for all.

Credit: From War To Peace

13. From War To Peace: Have you ever wondered what they do with all the leftover disarmed nuclear weapons shrapnel? Well fear no more, From War to Peace has taken the mystery out of those old war heads and turned them into Peace BronzeTM making remarkable bottle openers and jewelry that you can show off to all your army brat friends! From War To Peace donates 20% of all proceeds to help inspire world peace, namaste.

Credit: Shop With Meaning

14. Shop With Meaning: Conscious Capitalism is growing and with the increase of companies whose mottos are, “Buy One, Give One” it’s not hard to see why this business model is on the rise. Yet where can one turn to find all the charity giving companies and partake in the fun? Shop With Meaning helps guide the consumer through an interactive website that can help you find the businesses that give back and the best part is, you get to shop!

Credit: Indego Africa

15. Indego Africa: The apparel company Indego Africa has an interesting twist to profit margins. They donate ALL earnings from their sales to benefit women in Africa through grants. With the help of over 1,000 women from Rwanda and Ghana, these artisans hand make scarfs to baby wear. Indego Africa gives the consumers a chance to truly donate 100% of their money to help empower the woman of Africa while receiving one of a kind, hand crafted designs.

Credit: Sir Richard’s Condoms

16. Sir Richard’s Condoms: The all natural craze isn’t just for the food industry anymore. What’s more sexy than using condoms made from all natural latex? Sir Richards Condoms are your answer to “free” love…that is free from harmful chemicals like parabens, spermicide, or glycerin. The “Buy One, Give One” motto is also apart of the companies M.O. helping different organizations receive their innovative condoms as well.

Credit: One Hope Wine

17. One Hope Wine: Don’t feel guilty about having another glass of wine ever again! One Hope Wine gets your vino working for you by donating to multiple charities when you buy any of their wine or speciality products. You can choose from purchasing a single bottle to gifting your wine connoisseur friends with items like the One Hope Picnic Perfect Gift Crate filled with Chardonnay, cheese and nuts. Cheers!

Credit: Love Your Melon

18. Love Your Melon: It’s time to warm your noggin with plush and snuggly beanies this winter. When you buy from Love Your Melon, 50% of all proceeds go to help fight childhood cancer.

Credit: FEED

19. FEED: From leather to canvas to diaper bags and backpacks, FEED makes a tote for just about any of your traveling needs. Each bag is stamped with a unique number signifying how many meals it helps to feed children in impoverished areas so you can be sure your money is going to help a great cause.

Credit: Ivory Ella

20. Ivory Ella: Elephant necklace? Check. Elephant hat? Check. Elephant coffee mug? Check. Obsessed with the love of elephants? Check. Well Ivory Ella is too, giving you the chance to buy clothing and accessories to show off your admiration for the elephants everyday! They even give 10 % of their proceeds to the Kenyan based Save the Elephants foundation to help with conservation efforts in Africa.

21. Too Apparel: So often we run to the mall to shop at the expensive lingerie boutiques for our next pair of undergarments, but what if your next purchase of panties could help out at a women’s shelter? Shelters can take used clothes but unfortunately not used undergarments, Too Apparel has solved that problem, every time you buy a pair, they donate a pair of underwear to a women’s shelter.

Credit: 1Face

22. 1 Face: A different color, a different charity, that’s the motto of 1 Face. Each uniquely designed watch that you purchase will color coordinate to help out a different cause. Black fights cancer, red fights AIDS, yellow helps support education and with 9 different colors to choose from, you will be sure to find a watch that with help support a charity that you are passionate about too!

Credit: One Laptop Per Child

23. One Laptop Per Child: Technology is at our fingertips, everywhere we turn, there’s someone on a smart phone or a laptop. Children are now taught from computers to learn, grow and advance their education, but there are some that don’t have easy access to this information. One Laptop Per Child offers help to children in multiple countries across the world to provide them with the opportunity for educational growth via a low cost laptop. There are several ways to get involved, you can donate money, become a translator, help develop software or even organize a local event.

Credit: Hiptipico

24. Hiptipico: “Tipico” deriving from the Spanish word that depicts the clothing worn by indigenous Guatemalans serves as the basis for what the company Hiptipcio stands for. Producing quality clothing, shoes, bags and accessories straight from the craftsmen based out of Guatemala. From traditional huracahes (shoes) to handwoven huipil’s (crop top style sweaters) you can be sure your purchase is helping to sustain better lives for these truly talented artisans.

Credit: Amourvert

25. Amourvert: This eco-friendly apparel company offers the highest in luxury without all the toxins. Sweaters sown with organic cottons and non toxic dyes to dresses made with pure Indian silk. They have a zero waste philosophy helping to end the pollution the fashion world so notoriously contributes to and when you “buy a tee, they plant a tree”!

Credit: Bombas

26. Bombas: The sock revolution is here! Bombas has designed and crafted the newest generation of socks with extra long cotton for all day comfort, stay up technology to stay in place and even an anti-microbial treatment to stop the growth of fungus. When you buy a pair of socks, they donate a pair to a homeless shelter.

Credit: Bull and Moose

27. Bull and Moose: “Buy a tie, help a guy” is the Bull and Moose company motto, which helps to fund micro loans to underprivileged men when you buy any of their products. This veteran owned company dedicated to high quality menswear offers stylish and traditional neck and bowties. Now the guy in your life, can jazz up any plain old outfit with these fresh and bold designs.

Credit: Divine Chocolate

28. Divine Chocolate: Chocolate has never tasted so good when you know its helping to promote 85,000 farmers in Ghana for ethical and fair work practices. Options like dark chocolate with hazelnut truffle to milk chocolate with spiced cookies will get just about anyones mouth watering.

Credit: Humble Brush

29. Humble Brush: Dental hygiene never felt so good when using a Humble Brush. This innovative toothbrush uses 100% bamboo and bio-degradable nylon. Humble Brush helps children around the world in need of oral care. Every time you buy a brush, they send a toothbrush to a child in need; your pearly whites will definitely thank you.

Credit: Lamon Luther

30. Lamon Luther: Carpentry is a dying trade that is often overlooked and undervalued. At Lamon Luther, their mission is to change that trajectory. Offering quality, hand crafted furniture made by homeless carpenters; this helps give them an opportunity to share their skill set with the world while being put back into the workforce.

Credit: LSTN Sound Co.

31. LSTN Sound Co.: Listen up! Your next pair of earbuds that you buy should be built out of wood. Sounds strange, but at LSTN their custom made headphones when made with wood improve quality substantially, creating a crisp and vibrant sound. With your purchase, you are helping to assist in the restoration of hearing impairments across the world.

Credit: Little Sun

32. Little Sun: Why use electricity to fuel your night light when you can utilize solar powered portable lamps that last up to an incredible 50 hours? You can even charge your cellphone on the ‘Little Sun Charge’ after only one day of the device being in the sun. Little Sun’s global impact helps out those in Ethiopia who have no electricity while fostering jobs and empowering their network of African entrepreneurs.

Credit: Yellow Leaf Hammocks

33. Yellow Leaf Hammocks: Unwind and let Yellow Leaf bring you back to a state of tranquility and relaxation with handwoven hammocks. Enjoy a wide selection of fun and colorful hammocks that are helping to build economic stability in Thailand with long term financial growth through job employment.

Credit: Zen Pig Book

34. Zen Pig Book: Enlightenment doesn’t have to take years to form, it can occur at any age now with the clever and insightful children’s books called Zen Pig. With the Zen Pig Book, you’ll find it a refreshing read, teaching children about patience, awareness and being kind. They even give back to the Mocha Club, a non profit in Africa helping to provide clean water.

Credit: Women’s Bean Project

35. Women’s Bean Project: It’s not just about the bean soup…though you can buy that too! At the Women’s Bean Project you can also donate monthly gifts to help support women who have suffered from persistent unemployment while granting them access to educational programs to help end the cycle of poverty. Check out the many ways you can help deliver change at

Credit: Tegu Blocks

36. Tegu Blocks: Remember those basic building blocks we use to play with as children? Well, those simple rectangles and squares have just been amplified! Tegu has creatively designed magnetic blocks, giving your child endless possibilities for imagination and fun. Their website even states that “One study found that kids who played with blocks scored higher on language tests than kids who had no blocks.” (NPR) Well even if they don’t score higher…at least they will be having fun! Tegu even helps out families in Honduras where they utilize over 200 employees natives.

Credit: The Shine Project

37. The Shine Project: Beautiful gem stoned jewelry that looks expensive, but is affordable, is what The Shine Project is all about. Choose from necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, made from inner city youth that are learning the ins and outs of running a business. With your support, multiple scholarships are given out to help fund high schools students make their way to college.

Credit: State Bags

38. State Bags: Fashionable backpacks and totes that have that New York state of mind. State backpacks are not only functional but charitable giving a backpack filled with school supplies to children in need. You can even join in on “State Bag Drop Events” where motivational rallies help to reignite excitement and enthusiasm to children.

Credit: Faucet Face

39. Faucet Face: Bottle water options are endless yet there is no alternative, forcing consumers to choose only from plastic bottles that can often harbor harmful chemicals inside. Faucet Face is changing the tap water game offering reusable glass bottles that won’t leak chemicals, saves money and helps out the environment without the waste of plastic filling up landfills. Faucet Face donates partial proceeds to the Third Millennial Awakening, a charity helping get clean water to India.

Credit: Panda Sunglasses

40. Panda Sunglasses: Do your eyes a favor and get them in the shade. Panda sunglasses are made with lightweight bamboo, creating functional yet sturdy frames. They even give back to those who are in need of sight, through the nonprofit, Optometry Giving Sight charity. Check out all their fun and fresh designs at

Originally published in print in Art Hive Magazine Issue #20


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